Regular cleaning and inspection will keep your jewelry looking its very best for a very long time. It’s also important to have your stones checked for normal wear. Within its lifetime, almost all jewelry will need some sort of maintenance.

Jewelsmith provides a FREE basic cleaning and inspection on any piece of jewelry. Even if you didn’t purchase it with us. We’ll have your jewelry sparkling in no time!

In the case that your jewelry does need some sort of repair, we’ll show you where and why its needed and give you the option to leave it for service. All at no charge to you.

Stop by any time for your FREE basic cleaning and inspection.

Can you Polish my Jewelry?

Yes! Polishing is available for an additional charge. Polishing will remove tiny surface scratches returning your metal to the brilliant mirror-like finish it had when you first purchased it.

Prices for polishing vary depending on the size of the piece. Ask us about Jewelry Polishing in store.