When the excitement of your Big Day is all said and done, you’ll want to leave your beautiful bridesmaids with something a little more than just ‘the dress’. Let’s be honest, they might never wear it again! Don’t miss the opportunity to give them a special gift of a keepsake they can cherish for years to come while remembering your special day and loyal friendship.

Or maybe… You’re not the bride looking for her bridesmaids, but the bridesmaid looking for your bride. Either way, classic wedding jewelry or any other special gifts are always a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them.

So how do you pick that perfect piece for your lovely bridal party? Start with the necklines…

“Just like the dresses, jewelry can be uniform or different for each bridesmaid, but either way, it should complement the dress cut and style.” (Qgold.com)

Also note, this isn’t just for weddings, you can use these tips for any occasion to match your jewelry to your dresses.

“Decoding the Wedding Dress”

Here’s a really good illustration from a post called “Decoding the Wedding Dress” by Camille Garcia showing different necklines so you can envision them with your jewels.


Bridal Necklines & Jewelry

 So, what type of jewelry looks best with what, you might ask…

Couldn’t have put this any better myself, the following is from a great post on QGold highlighting their advice for looking your best.

Note that any featured links in the text are links to items that can be ordered especially for you in the quantity you’ll need for your wedding party.

Have a look and enjoy!

“Straight-Across Strapless necklines showcase the décolletage and lengthen the neck, making it a popular choice for full chested women. It’s a neckline that invites something short (on the collar bone) but bolda multi strand necklace or something chunky and bright.

A Sweetheart Strapless is a bit “girlier” and would look pretty with a dainty station necklace with CZs or pearls. Or, echo the shape of the neckline with a heart charm or pendant.

Dipped V-Neck elongates the torso making it a universally flattering choice. Complement the shape with a small (but sparkly!) pendant on a chain long enoughto create its own V but not too long to get lost (18 to 22 inch should work).

Halter Tops are considered to have a softening effect on broad shoulders, but the wrap-around straps will get in the way of necklaces. A crystal bead wrap bracelet in colors to match most any dress can lengthen the arms and draw attention away from the shoulder. For a more formal look, go for pearls.

Jewel Neck, also known as the t-shirt neckline, flatters petite women and can be dressed up with a busy necklace that overlaps the fabric or a low-hanginglocket & charms cluster necklace.

One Shoulder or Asymmetrical dresses beg bold bracelets or cuffs to balance the look. Try something flirty or lively to complement the dynamic nature of the dress or be a goddess with something a little more glamorous.

Illusion or Sheer Paneled tops have a demure grace best accented with earringsnecklaces will either get lost or clash with the fabric. Light catching danglesor subtly colored teardrop pearls would be classy choices for these dresses. Brides who are worried about non-pierced or sensitive ears can opt for vintage style sparkly hair accessories.

Bateau or Boat-Neck designs have a bit of a retro flair and are popular for sunny, daytime affairs. Frequently worn with flats or kitten heelsa themed ankletcan be complementary in a cute and edgy way. A ‘groovy’ mother-of-pearl pendant or a Jackie Kennedy inspired bangle would certainly fit the retro bill too.

Scoop or Square Necklines can vary in depth but have wider straps or sleeves that create a focused frame that’s perfect for sternum-length pendants. Cameoswould complement full length dresses, while a pearl and gemstone pendant would work for shorter, sun-dress length frocks.”


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