Watch CollectionWant a great tip to save the life of your watch battery?

If we see you a lot for watch batteries, we may have told you this little watch battery secret once before.

If you pull out the crown of your watch (like you’re going to set it) and leave it out, it stops the watch. Thus, saving the life of your watch battery. A good tip, especially if you have a large collection of watches.

This isn’t recommended for something you wear every day or very often. But if you have a nice dress watch that you only wear once in a while, this is a good solution to help extend the life of your watch battery. It will last many years instead of maybe just one.

“How long should my watch battery last?”

It really depends on that particular watch, and what features it has. For instance, if it has a light or other fancy gizmos & gadgets, it’s going to have more draw on that battery. It’s hard to give a definite answer, but it should last at least 1 year, maybe up to 3. If it doesn’t last very long, it could be something inside the watch that’s draining the battery.

If that’s the case, it may need servicing. Our Expert Watch Repairman can fix just about anything. So, if your watch has been acting strange, bring it in. We always give an estimate before any work is completed. And all watch repairs come with a 6 month warranty.

“How much does it cost to change my watch battery?”

Please give us a call for this information as prices vary depending on watch brand and type of battery.

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