Heart Shaped Meteorite Ring in Sterling Silver


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A unique ring unlike any other… for millions or perhaps billions of years old, this beautiful heart-shaped meteorite has been waiting for you!

This hefty prong-set meteorite sits atop a simple sterling silver split shank band.

Current size is a 9. Sizing available upon request.
Sterling Silver, marked and tested.

Fun Fact: A meteorite is a fragment of space matter that falls to the surface of a planet. Most meteorites that fall to Earth come from the Asteroid Belt.

Care and maintenance: Meteorite is an iron-based material and does have the potential to rust.  It is best to avoid wearing the ring in pools, hot tubs, salt water, or while showering or doing dishes. Hand washing should be okay, but be sure to thoroughly dry the stone after washing.

Warning: Like several other types of jewelry, meteorite rings contain iron, which is naturally attracted to magnets. To prevent your ring from being pulled or yanked do not wear your jewelry near strong magnetic fields such as MRI machines, powerful electromagnets, rare-earth magnets etc.

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