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Prong Repair & Re-Tipping

One of the most common types of jewelry repair is prong repair and re-tipping.

What is Retipping?
Over time, prongs can wear down and get thin. Retipping is the process of rebuilding the prongs that are worn, but not worn out. In the case that the whole prong is too damaged, we can also replace individual prongs.

The Ideal Prong

Prong Repair

Illustrated below is an example of good prongs, low, worn down, lifted prongs, and rebuilt prongs. Sometimes this can be hard to see yourself. But if you bring your jewelry in for regular cleanings and inspections, we can show you what to look for.


Prong Repair

Photo credit: Jewelry-Secrets.com

How much will Prong Repairs Cost?
As with any repair, the price depends on the type and size of prong, also the type of stones involved. You’re always welcome to bring your piece in for a free estimate.

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